Preparation of the territory for geophysical research.

There are a number of rules, restrictions and recommendations to prepare and conduct research and prospecting works. When all conditions are fulfilled, we guarantee the accuracy and the quality of our work.

  • The entire perimeter of the search area is recommended to be cleared of metal debris.

  • It is necessary to exclude the presence of such obstacles that can prevent free operator’s movement, namely: large hummocks, weeds, bushes, branches, pits, etc.

  • The device is very sensitive to electromagnetic fields and it can not be used near transformers and high-voltage power lines.

  • After the intervention in soil and excavations, scanning is difficult because the natural magnetic field of the Earth is disturbed, and consequently the geoscaner can not locate a desired object

  • Extraction of objects is possible if all the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine are observed.


This section demonstrates the examples of the images of various objects in Visualizer 3D program.

Visualizer 3D – is a professional software specially developed for geological equipment by OKM company (Germany). Data processing and visualization occur in real time. The program interprets, analyzes and displays the received data from the georadar in the form of 2D and 3D graphs. The received data are investigated in detail by a user and help a searcher to determine the exact location, the depth, the shape and the size of a desired object.

The metal box

The metal box at the depth of 2.00 meters.

The size of the investigated area: 4×3 meters.

The metal box is marked with red colour, preliminary intervention in the soil (the places of excavations) are in blue, and the soil is green.

The tunnel (subway)

The tunnel at the depth of 2.30 meters.
The size of the investigated area: 4×4 meters.
Blue colour indicates the presence of the underground tunnel, the metal objects near the tunnel are marked with yellow, and the soil is green.


The metal object at the depth of 3.20 meters.

The size of the investigated area: 4×2 meters.
Blue colour indicates the soil here and metal is marked with yellow and green.

The metal pipeline

The metal pipeline at the depth of 1.20 meters.

The size of the investigated area: 3×8 meters.
Blue colour indicates the soil, and the metal pipeline crosses the investigated area and marked with yellow and green colours.