Training to work with a georadar and other detectors of anomalies by OKM company (Germany), advising researchers, archaeologists and students of the archaeological faculty wishing to continue their research activities.
  • We invite to the joint research scientific communities, archaeologists and young specialists who are on the path of search activity. We have a great experience of collective expeditions and team work, we are open to new projects that require an extraordinary approach to research. We give lectures, courses and training to work with a georadar.
  • Today, there is an increasing interest in historical disciplines and at the same time there is a growing need for exchange of knowledge. Western universities have already taught their students to use geophysical instruments.
  • Now geo-survey is one of the most effective methods of exploration and it is used all over the world to study the past of mankind. The world is acquainted with a variety of technologies that allow modern researchers to develop their abilities in a completely unique way.
  • Geo-scanning preserves the uniqueness of historical and cultural monuments. Geo-survey is carried out with minimal destruction of artifacts, transferring a research site to the next generation of scientists. The methods offering such equipment help to recreate an internal layout, a shape and dimensions of the objects under study. Then, at the beginning of excavations, archaeologists have a volumetric draft of what was on a supposed site, where the works should begin, and where additional equipment would be required.
  • Excavations are extremely important process: the researcher of antiquities should be as careful as possible in documenting information, interpreting facts, building intellectual theories and questions that archeology poses. Ten-year experience with geological equipment allows us to train in geo-survey and scan with maximum accuracy helping specialists in their amazing and very society-useful job.
  • Trained specialists have the opportunity to rent a georadar, conduct research and receive constant support during the work.

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