Professional search of underground communications: irrigation canals, diagnostics of the gas pipeline system, inspection of centralized water supply networks to detect illegal cutting-in and leaks.
  • The search for underground communications by ageoradar provides to locate, classify objects and structures by origin, localize sewage pipes, gas pipelines and communication networks, and detect illegal cutting-in and the places of raw leakages.
  • Наше геологическое оборудование отлично распознает металлические кабеля и пластиковые трубы в земле, отображает форму, размерность и направление линейных объектов. Это позволяет оперативно решить широкий спектр инженерных задач, связанных с обнаружением и регистрацией подземных коммуникаций и сетей.
  • Our geological equipment perfectly recognizes metal cables and plastic pipes in the ground, displays a shape, dimensions and a direction of linear objects. This enables to solve efficiently a wide range of engineering problems related to the detection and registration of underground communications and networks.
  • Geo-scanning can be useful when plans are lost and there are significant discrepancies in schemes and routes of sewage pipes, and the spatial location of irrigation canals, electric and telephone cables, water supply networks and gas pipeline systems is lost. For enterprises, these are real difficulties that require active measures without serious mistakes resulting in emergencies.
  • The inspection of underground communications can be greatly simplified using intelligent search technologies. The georadar provides to carry out a survey in difficult urban conditions with heavy traffic and a high level of electromagnetic interference. The saturation and complexity of urban communications requires an objective and competent solution that will preserve the integrity of the overall pipe system. The georadar helps to solve a number of serious tasks without the risk of emergencies and costs for additional technical works.
  • Geo-scanning is actively used in the modern world in the various spheres of municipal and city services. High performance and accuracy of the technology helps to get reliable data and cope with a large volume of work in a short time, therebysaving time and finances for other important projects.

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