Geological prospecting is a very effective part of research. It provides to confirm the facts or refute the information received earlier concerning a given goal. The areas of the application of geological equipment are extremely diverse, and today it is one of the most convenient and practical methods.
  • Due to Rover C II New Edition, hidden underground communications can be found at a depth up to 25 meters. The device for determining of voids in the ground perfectly recognizes the voids of natural and artificial origin.
  • A geophysicist must be able to interpret the results of scanning. Special knowledge is required in order to properly register the detected objects such as an underground passage, a tunnel, communications hidden beneath the foundation, niches and caches in walls, recognize the places of moisture accumulation and determine a groundwater level. Geo-prospecting answers the following questions: was there any previous intervention in the natural soil environment? At what point should excavation be carried out? Are there hidden passages under a foundation? Where is an entrance to a tunnel? What is a void depth, a shape and dimensions?
  • The wave radar system specially designed by engineers has an excellent penetrating ability and perfectly copes with various types of tasks. The principle of a georadar is based on the emission of electromagnetic wave pulses with further registration of signals that reflect different objects in the scanned medium. At first, these signals are fixed by a geoscanner and transferred to a special program, Vizualizer. After that, an operator processes and structures the data in the form of 3D graphs. Further, obtained information can be red, interpreted and given expert assessment.
  • A device for determining of voids in the ground, a geoscanner, a georadar and a deep metal detector reflect the heterogeneous structure of investigated medium, which allow distinguishing of specific targets from natural magnetic anomalies. Such an accurate wave method gives the most reliable results without technical work costs, and it is the most appropriate research method from both economic and practical points of view.

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