A georadar becomes increasingly popular in construction and urban economy. After geophysical survey, the risk of emergency situations due to soil subsidence and erosion is significantly reduced.
  • Geophysicists’technical conclusion enables to plan further works on the construction of large areas. GPR is used in the construction of buildings, airfields, highways, repair or reconstruction of houses. The results of scanning are presented in the report as expert analysis, object visualization, 3D and 2D graphics, geophysicists’ conclusion, schemes and plans of investigated area.
  • In case of large and small construction of buildings, structures, and road laying, protective measures must be provided. Sometimes,soil hides large caverns, voids and subsidence, which can only be detected by means of modern geological equipment.
  • More than once,we have faced with logical problems that required a maximum number of geophysical tests and quickly and accurately identifying of the reasons for an existing situation. Our team is furnished with all necessary equipment for subsurface sounding of areas for large and small construction.
  • In industrial and civil construction it is very important to be confident in the right choice of a place for building. The most radical is the transfer of the construction site, which is most often used in case of inadmissible defects such as cracks, water holes, soil erosion in the territory. The failure of ground masses and the earth surface very often lead to the formation of emergency situations, for example, damage to underground communications and roads, partial or complete destruction of buildings.
  • Geo-scanning enables to preserve the integrity of the investigated environment without drilling of a large number of cores on separate points. Taking into consideration the increased level of responsibility in the field of construction, a georadar is the most effective device for obtaining of important information about your projects.

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