Rover C II New Edition georadar, geolocator is an accurate measuring device with a large set of special functions that enables to distinguish the origin and the composition of detected objects.
  • A two-dimensional discrimination function: search for black and nonferrous metal objects. A two-dimensional discrimination function informs an operator about the presence of an object underground and its basic characteristics. Unique capabilities of the device make the process of search more simple and specific. A deep metal detector, a geoscanner, a geo-locator and other geological equipment in which this function is available, significantly shorten time to determine the composition and the origin of detected metal alloys.
  • All metals have different electrical conductivities. The detector integrated into the GPR system reacts to certain metal groups. Deep 3D earth scanner informs the searcher about the presence of an object in real “here and now” time.
  • Intelligent geo-location system provides to determine the location of objects as well as their size, shape and magnetic properties. These details help geophysicists recognize the target and come to a specific expert conclusion based on the obtained scan results. A georadar is used to search for treasures underground and military equipment from the Second World War.
  • The professional geological equipment of our search team provides to shoot under a large slope of hills, between trees, in wells and on water, thereby making the range of studies as diverse and broad as possible.
  • Such instruments as a deep earth scanner, a geo-locator, a metal detector guarantee that a searcher will obtain necessary information about an object in a short time. command is equipped with a large number of professional equipment for geo-prospecting throughout Ukraine. We carry out geo-searching in swamps, rocky terrain and in the most extreme situations in hot climate conditions in various landscapes.

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