GPR research by
Historical and archival research, identification of the objects of historical and cultural significance, GPR research. We are a historical and search team and we carry out support and organization at all stages of prospecting works:
  • GPR research and object detection occurs in real “here and now” time.
  • Studying of historical sources is an important part of any archaeological project. We have a large number of maps of different age; we study archival sources and other important materials that allow us to correctly and accurately determine an object location, its history and origin.
  • Professional search studies mean a long, tedious and interesting work, during which useful information can be found for geo-scanning.
  • Special knowledge in the field of history, geophysics, ethnography and geology allow us to conduct in-depth analysis, interpret and explain obtained data in the most accurate manner, to compare arguments and hypotheses, to find concise and correct answers concerning a given goal.
  • In archeology, the technical base that is involved in prospecting is of great importance. The ability to conduct seismic survey without compromising the integrity of investigated environment is a huge plus when the task is to identify monuments of historical and cultural significance. The georadar is a practical and convenient assistant in solving of a number of issues in the field of archeology and geophysics.
  • In Ukraine GPR research has found its application in modern archeology. For more than ten years we deal with the search for antiquities, and GPR help us in this. It should be emphasized that you will hardly find a more accurate and environment-friendly measuring instrument. If your object is of historical and cultural value, it is important to preserve its original appearance and integrity, in order to get as much information as possible and enjoy the aesthetic component of the subject. Often a special approach to excavation is required, and geo-scanning is a reliable solution of a large number of archaeological tasks.


Objects can be extracted if all the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine are observed.

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