A new level of modern technologies requires new methods and means of subsurface research and geological prospecting. Such innovative devices as a georadar, a geoscanner and other deep anomaly detectors have proven to be excellent all over the world. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) called a georadar is currently the best solution in the field of geophysics. The georadar is a complex geophysical device that is not only able to see underground, but also to solve a wide range of other problems. Certainly, such equipment is indispensable in geology, archeology, ecology, construction and other fields and has a number of advantages over other methods of prospecting and research works.


  • A non-destructive research method

    Geo-scanning preserves the integrity and uniqueness of the environment under investigation.

  • Productively and accurately

    Determination of the position, the shape and the depth of an object in real “here and now” time.

  • Practical and mobile

    Geo-prospecting in places that are inaccessible earlier for scanning: on marshes, hills, rocky terrain, in wells and between trees.

  • Efficiently and economical

    Obtaining of necessary information for client projects in order to reduce technical work costs.

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Who we are

A team with a great experience

Being a historical and search organization for more than ten years, we provide assistance in various fields of engineering geology, geophysics and archeology throughout Ukraine and abroad.

Qualified specialists

In 2011 graduated geophysicists were trained by European instructors of OKM company (Germany) to work with geophysical equipment: a georadar, a geoscanner, a depth detector (visualization, analysis, interpretation of obtained scan results).

Research all over the world

Our geological equipment – Rover C II New Edition georadar is used by specialists all over the world and helps to identify mineral deposits, discover ancient artifacts, treasures, underground structures and tunnels in various landscapes and under water.

We enjoy our work

We travel, study history, share experience, advise and guarantee for our clients to maintain complete confidentiality in the process of work.

Our Experience

Hours of work with geological equipment
Years of professional search activity
Scanned objects
Friends all over Ukraine and the World

The Team:

A geophysicist

A search specialist, an antiquity researcher. A scanner operator.

An arheologist, a doctor

An instructor and an assistant in geophysical research.

A manager, a journalist

A projecting consultant, an editor of the popular science blog of our site.

A programmer, an operator

A technical assistant, an analyst of obtained scan results.

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