Our team inspected hopper the Arpad line in the Zakarpattya region. From the south side of the facility, on a depth of 20 meters, geo scanner Rover C II New Edition fixed an underground passageway, which is not included in the pattern of open tunnels for visiting tourist excursions. There is information that in one such hidden tunnels are still arms storage areas and foodstuffs.

In the Ukrainian Carpathians, Arpad line it is the system of defensive works built in 1939-1944 for protection borders Kingdom of Hungary.


High in the mountains, numerous team sites of the Arpad line had become a united defense system along the old national border. At that time, the border passing through almost the entire Carpathian ridge. Very powerful fortifications were consolidated in the areas of the Russian Pass, on Uzhgorodsky, Mukachevo, Yasinyansky directions.

This many kilometers fortification consisted of dozens of tunnels with barracks, where lived soldiers.

Hundreds of permanent fire positions, embrasure, many obstacles in the form of a trapezium and cone-shaped anti-tank barriers.

The location of the hopper is not accidental – from its permanent fire positions, it was possible to control movement enemy troops along the highway Lviv – Budapest – Vienna.
Mountain area contributed to organization sustainable defense.
Only by the by-pass way could be overcome line of defense ( which is what Soviet troops had done). Mountaintops were also surrounded by such facilities

Even now on the open flat peaks using geophysical equipment ground penetrating radar, geoscanner, can be found entrances to the hopper, which are closed by severe metallic manholes.

The system of underground tunnels has an arc-shaped with branches of 30-50 meters. Thus, in the attack or undermine, shelling was difficult. And blast wave had been slowly wasting away or was generally braked due to regular shape of the tunnel. In the hopper were located command post and hospital, in which more than thousands of soldiers simultaneously had the opportunity to be treated.

Hopper of the Arpad line had a ventilation system with sources of fresh water. Temperature constant, about 10°С. Main entrance begins on the west side. Right from the entrance stood a huge diesel generator that lit up placement. Pumps, which were installed on the left at the entrance, were constantly pumping air into the bunker.

The military installation, the bunker of the Arpad line consists of two tiers: the first is underground at a depth of 20-30 meters. That it is where begins a deep tunnel with a length of 25 meters, where the guardhouse was located, after another 20 meters the infirmary with a hatch through which it was possible to bring the wounded.

Next, from the infirmary, there is a 150-meter corridor, where 84 steps lead to the second tier, where there was a barrack of five rooms in the form of a letter П. From the upper tier, there are two exits to the surface through hatches that connected the catacombs with the permanent fire positions. From the lower tier → access to the forest, where there is a continuation of the tunnel in the direction of the village of Podpolozie.

That’s where and we’ll get started geophysical exploration to identify hidden from human eyes underground passages. Only ground-penetrating radar, geoscanner is capable to give an accurate answer about hopper Apard line: where exactly do these tunnels lead and what did the retreating German units hide in them?

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