We will answer your questions and will learn more about scanning ground-penetrating radar, analysis, interpretation of received data from our experts.

  • What it looks like objects on pictures?
  • How is scanning GPR?
  • How is scanning ground-penetrating radar?
  • What is the maximum depth possible to scan?
  • Whether a geo scanner detects an object under water?
  • At what maximum depth, it is possible to perform scanning ground- penetrating radar?

The maximum depth of detection of an object depends on many different factors, such as density and type of soil, its mineralization, humidity, size of the required object, a degree of pollution of under study area, a frequency of used aerial.
The maximum depth declared by the manufacturer is up to 100 meters in dry soil (sand). Geoscanner Rover C II New Edition when using of the super-sensitive aerial “Super Sensor” is capable of scanning to a depth of 25 meters – this is the maximum depth which an electromagnetic pulse can reach in the territory of Ukraine. Wet European type of soil, prevents the passage of the signal to the maximum possible depth (100 meters).

  • When I can receive results of your work?

A study is being undertaken in real-time. Data about the object is processed by program Visualizer 3d and displayed on the computer screen. The visualization of the scanned object processes in the three-dimensional coordinate system and allows the operator to make comments to the client the obtained information about the size and shape of the object in situ.

  • Is it possible to rent your geological equipment?

If you have a diploma on-the-job training completion for work with geophysical equipment of a sample from the company OKM (Germany), we are ready to render you lease services our equipment. For work on it requires relevant qualification and professional skill, therefore to conduct high-quality survey can only specialists.

  • Do you provide assistance in the acquisition of equipment, training work on it?

Yes, we assist in acquiring JPR scanners and ground penetrating radars and train to work with them. We show and teach how to scan and handle the device correctly, use the additional functions of the equipment to study the object, understand and analyze the received images (scans), and also share our professional experience.

  • Can your device detect an object under water?

Yes, Rover С II New Edition is capable equally well to find hidden objects that are both underground and under the water column. We not once conducted researches on water and we have all the necessary skills and equipment for such work.

  • Is your device able to detect underground passage or empty space underground?

Rover С II New Edition differently it manages with the task of finding basements hidden in the foundation of buildings, tunnels, tunnels under the ground, niches and cells in the walls. With the aid of georadar, it is represented possible to find out hidden voids, to define their size and form.

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